Monday, March 23, 2009

We're BACK!

After what was suppose to be a "brief hiatus" during the holidays (Thanksgiving & Christmas!) I came back to add to the blog only to find I was unable to access my blog.

I am not a technical expert. I can find my way around the computer and MOST software well enough but I could not access this page no matter how I tried. Then LIFE took over, homeschool, coop, home making--- generally being a mom and a wife (and teacher). I tried here and there and FINALLY asked for help from the Blogger community. Thank you so much to those who take time to help people like me lol to fix thier mistakes. I am (as of today lol) able to access this blog again so I can NOT wait to upload all of the outings and plans we've ben doing since November!! I hope I can catch up and provide everyone with some helpful tips, lesson plans, and insights as before! Bear with me as I try to revamp the blog and get fresh information out!

I will tell you that we have been studying mammals - more specifically lagomorphs. Yes - Lagomorphs- I had not heard of them until we began the study. Lagomorphs include rabbits, hares, and pikas. We are using the Burgess Animal Book for Children, Beatrix Potter, and library books for this study so if you have those resources or want to gather them - I hope to get some notebooking and lapbooking pages as well as some lesson plans up in the next couple of days! Glad to be blogging again!



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