Thursday, October 14, 2010

Remembering what's important

 We ended last week with a trip to a local museum on Friday with our Co-op.  Although we are not currently studying American History, I always try to attend as many field trips as our schedule allows.  It's a wonderful time for fellowship for the kids and myself and they always learn something whether we are in that cycle or not.  
The day was beautiful here, the humidity gone, the wind a gentle breeze, and great light from the sun.  I took advantage of the weather and the crowd-less downtown area to get some photos of my kids.  I haven't had the time (or taken the time maybe?) to do sessions with them for awhile and we really enjoyed it.  They wanted to keep going when it was time to get home and start dinner.  I realized I did too. 

It was an awesome reminder of the important things in my life and why I began to home educate my children.  I want to spend time with them, not just time teaching them, but time enjoying them and getting to know them and their personalities.  

  As I have been reviewing our schedules, I am pleased with the educational work we are accomplishing but not as pleased with the "quality" time we are spending together.  All of us (myself included) have seemed a bit more easily frustrated and tired the past couple of weeks.  I wondered if we just need to adjust to "school" being full time or if I need to adjust our schedule. 

Of course, this means leaning on the Lord and praying about it.  I have found myself so incredibly busy that I forget that it's not my decisions to make- that I must take time out to TRULY pray and TRULY lean on the Lord for His wisdom and understand that it is He that is in control, not I. 
My twin girls.
  With that, I leave you with scripture I often find encouraging and some beautiful photos from our peaceful afternoon. 
Remember why we homeschool and enjoy your children today!

More photos of our walk.

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