Monday, January 16, 2012

Disclaimer from Journeying with Joy

Disclaimer...from Journeying with Joy
I'm working on Tapestry of Grace Lesson plans this morning for Year 2 and I often Google TOG to see what other moms/families are doing.  Since I have such an ecclectic style of CM and Classical Christian Education, I never know where I'll find ideas and resources that will work for my family.

In the midst of hanging out on this holiday and looking through blogs and resources, I happened across this post from Journeying with Joy .  The post really hit home for me and touched my heart so I HAD to share it with you.  Take a breath this morning and read it, we could all use this wonderful encouragement!
Eastern Mud Turtle Hatchling
Stay tuned for a new Nature Study post today or tomorrow.  It's been TOO long since I posted a good N.S. post and with the arrival of a new "friend" to observe and care for Friday night (a baby Eastern Mud Turtle) it was good timing for one!


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