Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Great New Site for free audio downloads...

Audio Downloads - Free!

Since we have a field trip this morning (to a working dairy farm :) - I was browsing the internet for some other free audio sites. Oftentimes, I find that listening to some of our literature and living books in the car creates great narrations. I haven't quite figured it out entirely but I believe the relaxed, no pressure environment encourages the best narrations. Also, my three children tend to "feed off" of each other's ideas and it becomes a wonderful discussion forum.

Now- please do not mistaken my comments~ my absolute FAVORITE spot to read our literature and enjoy narrating sessions is out doors in our backyard. Amongst our flower gardens, visiting birds, and pups is the BEST :). With the couch (cuddling) at a close second! However ~ with the life lesson that we do have extracurricular activities, church, coop, and sports ~ I do not waste the time generally. And my kids seem to really enjoy it!

We generally use the time to enjoy some hymns (we are currently listening to a Country Gospel CD that is fabulous - yes I live in a small town but this CD is great regardless - very upbeat for the children but with classic hymns such as Awesome God, Open the eyes of my Heart, etc.)

We use some of the time to listen to our composer of the term - this term we are listening to Debussy and have been enjoying Nocturnes in the car. Again - its a great time to discuss the music and what they do and do not enjoy about it. We dicussed how it makes them feel, what it makes them think of, etc. I also want to mention that we have been studying Debussy free as well. We have been able to obtain CD's from our local library and information and photographs (such as the one below) online for free. I will be putting our composer study outline and links for this term on the blog soon but for now - here is a short bio and photo - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claude_Debussy

And of course - our topic today - our literature. I have used librivox and Google but the site I found this morning had several (not a huge list) of the stories we'd planned on listening to and the narrator has a wonderful, soothing voice. I have attached the link below in case you would like to 'check it out'. I hope you enjoy it! :)


I am adding this link on my right sidebar - under Free Homeschool Resources but wanted to post it here as well so it was easily accessible. This morning, I downloaded the following stories for our travel time on our field trip (its about 35-40 minutes each way).

1~Jack and the Beanstalk - traditional - edited by Andrew Lang ~ I placed a great photo to the right for notebooking.

2~The Emperor's New Clothes - by Hans Christian Anderson

3~How the Leopard Got His Spots - Rudyard Kipling

4~The Story of Snow White- traditional- L.L. Weedon

5~Cinderella - traditional- retold by Henry W. Hewett

**Side note** I hope you've enjoyed the first few photographs on this post. They are nature study photos that I took and I've been "playing with" for my own "art & handicraft" lol ~ I am working on creating some beautiful pieces that I can mount and decoupage for my home. I hope you liked them! :) ***

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