Saturday, February 6, 2010

Geography- Book Review, "Mountains and Volcanoes/ Geography Facts & Experiments" By Barbara Taylor

I truly enjoy this entire series written by Barbara Taylor. It is perfect for younger and older elementary students. We homeschool and my children are in 1st, 1st, & 3rd grade and this geography series has been a perfect match. I originally discovered Barbara Taylor's series on the Mater Amabilis website (a free Charlotte Mason style curriculum) and I was not dissapointed.

The illustrations are colorful and pertinent. They assist the younger child in grasping the concepts without being "twaddly". You may find free schedules and lesson plans to go along with this book at:

I will be posting more on this geography book and others as I finish developing our new geography studies.  I am trying something a bit different and so far, the children are not only truly enjoying the studies but quickly absorbing information.  I highly recommend this little book as part of your elementary geography studies.

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