Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Great Online Math Resource

First, I apologize that I've been "offline" for so long.  Our family has been through some trials and tribulations and unfortunately, as the Lord would have it - the blog is at the bottom of the priority list in those valleys.

Second- I am praying to share a lot of the information on projects and units that we've completed during this time posted soon.  It will be scattered and out of order probably but I truly enjoying sharing the things that did and did not work for us with you all! 

Especially our Nature Studies!

Here is a fun math program that was shared on a yahoo group this morning that I wanted to pass along.  We use A Beka for our math curriculum and my 8 year old was practicing long division already.  He understands the concepts well (thank the Lord!) but I found that it was frustrating because he didn't have all of his multiplication facts memorized as well as I would like. 

To move forward in math - its my humble opinion that having those times tables memorized makes everything else so much smoother.  When I say  memorized, I mean truly memorized so that it's an instant image or answer in his mind without any thought to it.  That leaves his thought process and concentration free to work the long division or word problem at hand without the mental "workout" of first mentally doing the multiplication. 

There are many debates on whether software is good or bad for children.  I personally believe that #1 computers are not going anywhere so the children require proficiency in them for their future.  #2- If my son's learning style is not the traditional auditory style- adding some math "games" or software to assist him in learning the basic facts so we can continue on with a higher level of mathematics understanding later on (especially moving into the logical/dialectic stage) then I'm all for it.  Most all classical programs use chants, flashcards, and games so why not software? 

I prefer to teach him myself so I am comfortable with how and what he's learning but for the basic memorization facts - I'm comfortable in my choice of using some "helps" including software.

I posted the link above for a great (and most importantly FREE from what I've looked through so far) online program called Math is Fun that helps with different phases of math.  Use it at  your discretion, I have not ventured through the entire site - only what I'm looking for currently which is the multiplication tables. 

I like that the site master/author has printable tables for the child to use and also several pages of tricks and ideas to help master these tables!  I'm printing the tricks and hints page out for myself so I can read over it and use some of them one on one with my son and see if they help!

Many blessings and check back soon for more updated Nature & Unit Studies!

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