Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A New Year of Learning, Living, and Loving!! I am FINALLY excited!

A new school year quickly approaches and I'm finally excited!  I should have been excited from the beginning but I have prayed this summer and struggled with what I wanted for my children in terms of their education!  I do not mean strictly academic either, so as I've went through my decisions and leaned on the Lord for his strength and understanding I've began the journey of finalizing decisions!  Amen!  That is the most difficult part for me and I'm so happy that we are moving on to the next step of gatherning materials and making the actual plans! 

Join me over this next week or so as I FINALLY put it on paper (and computer!)  and share what I am planning on using, how we are hoping to use it, and all of my other revelations and rantings!  :)

I pray you may find an idea, book, or curriculum that maybe you'd not heard of or thought of before and that my crazy, mixed up mind will assist someone else!  Ideas and comments are very much welcome and appreciated! 

I am discovering the pages tab for blogspot so bare with me as I attempt to organize the ideas and thoughts!  Hopefully you will find most of the information to the right in the sidebar under Pages. :)

Off we go!

Much love & blessings to you all!

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