Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sketch Tuesday with Barb (Harmony Art Mom)

This past week's Sketch Tuesday was "Jewels".  Here are what my children created for this assignment.  Sketch Tuesdays are a lot of fun and a great "reason" for taking some creative time out and getting in some drawing practice.  Find out more at Barb's (Harmony Art Mom) site.

Here is Briana's Sketch- A ruby ring with pearls on either side ;). 

Alyssa's was a bit different.  She couldn't help sketching pets in her picture somewhere.  She always finds a way to add them in so she sketched a girl with her dogs.  I asked her what that had to do with jewelry and she said, "Mom! ;) The girl is wearing earrings, bracelets, and a neckalce and the dogs are wearing jewels on their collars."

I think my son had the most difficult time with this week's sketch. :) He's a boy's boy so to speak and jewels are not his area of focus. In the end, we had a comprimise.  He sketched jewels but in his way.

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