Saturday, July 2, 2011

Friday Photo Bliss

Inspired by Rita at the CoffeeShop Blog , I'm posting a photo for "Friday Photo Bliss." The goal is to post a photo that makes you smile, makes you happy, the photo from your week that just puts that big, cheesey grin on your face! You know the one! The goofy grin that you get without even realizing it and then when you DO realize it's spread across your face- you look around to see if anyone else sees you sitting there, alone, with that big, funny smile! :) I LOVE that kind of happiness!

So, thank you Rita for such an inspirational idea! My photo this week is of a dear, sweet friend of mine nursing her gorgeous baby. You only see the baby's feet ;) because I noticed her feet first. They were rubbing together :) so comfortably as if she was the most peaceful, happy, and secure infant in the world! Just an amazing moment - a blessing from God that we dont' always take time to notice. I didn't interrupt, I just snapped those sweet, soft little feet from across the way and smiled.

So, that's my Friday Photo Bliss... and here she is... I hope it gives you a big, silly, happy grin! Or at least warms your heart!

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