Friday, July 22, 2011

Yummy way to stay cool

PRE heat wave heat
We are in the midst of a record-breaking heat wave here and it's been difficult to stay cool even in the house with air conditioning!   I decided it would be an ideal time to complete some of this coming school year's plan while we are cooped up indoors.   I'm a bit of a procrastinator! :) 

I was reading through the homeschooling blogs and websites I'd tagged here and there that contained information I planned on using when I stumbled upon this great little recipe for a Caramel frappe. 

 The recipe was put together by the mom from Domessticated.  I froze my coffee when I found the recipe about 2 weeks ago.  Life happened and I have put off taking the time to make this treat for myself.

 With the heat and the fatigue from just being inside for a week, I decided to pull out those frozen bits of energy and give the recipe a try.  I hoped they would still be fresh enough to make it a hit. 
IT WAS-it is SO heavenly, delicious, gratifying, appetizing, tasteful, scrumptious, sweet, palatable (I'm starting to sound like a grammar student's IEW paper!  Just a joke! :) :) No one get upset :))), and COLD that I absolutely HAD to share it!! <3  Thanks and much love to Domessticated and her faithful taste testers because this frappe is beyond "spot on" as she'd hoped!  Its perfection in this HOT, HOT southeast mom's kitchen!  Muchas gracias amiga!


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