Sunday, October 9, 2011

World History- The Middle Ages, Medieval/Early Renaissance, 400-1600 A.D.

Some great FREE history resources
Middle Ages History-
TWTM Year 2 History
Story of the World Volume 2 Free Resources
Free Lapbook Pages for SOTW Volume 2 created by a homeschooling mom as she teaches her children using the curriculum.  
Fantastic Memorization Cards - created by the same mom above.  The cards are perfectly aligned to the memory reomendations in TWTM for Year 2 History
Resources from Paula's Archives- an abundance of lists to help plan and use SOTW

List of living books from Penny Gardner to use along with your SOTW reading.

Some other links to free Middle Ages resources

Make Your Own Coat of Arms ~  Not only does this site have amazing (FREE) maps that you can print as large as 7 feet, but it also contains a great software program that allows you to create your own coat of arms and then print it out.  You can print it as a single page (8.5 x 11 size) or choose to make it large enough to glue to cardboard and play with by printing it on 4 pages.

They've also included a web page entitled, How to Make an Authentic Medieval Coat of Arms that details the history and use of the medieval coat of arms.  Here you will find educational software to create and print an authentic coat of arms and traditional medieval devices for them.  There's information on blazonry, or description of one's coat of arms, and simple explanations concerning emblazoning.   I'm very excited to work on this project with my kids, especially my son.  Learning history while enjoying the opportunity to create his own "identity" is perfect for him.

Make a Paper and Cardboard Medieval Castle

Another model castle, this one is suppose to be from the 13th century located somewhere in the south-west part of France.

How to build a Tatebanko Castle

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