Thursday, November 17, 2011


Inspiration by definition is the stimulation to do creative work, somebody or something that inspires, creativeness, a good idea, or a divine influence. 

As homeschoolers we are inspired in innumerable, extraordinary ways.  As Christian homeschoolers, we are inspired by "divine influence" through the calling and leadership of our Lord supporting, guiding, and loving us through our journey.  We are blessed by the opportunity to cultivate loving, positive relationships for ourselves and our children.  I've felt particularly rewarded by the inspiring friendships my children and I have acquired through our lifestyle of home educating.

A popular remark among homeschooling parents is the consummate relationships between children of varying age groups.  It is not unusual to witness 9th graders tending to preschoolers or 7th and 4th graders playing games together.  Each of the children gaining enjoyment and education from each other, even in their time of play.  The benefits reaching the younger children and the older children in life lessons and encouragement. 

As a homeschooling mom, I've had the opportunity to gain insights, support, and wisdom from countless other moms I've grown to know and love.  We all realize the staggering importance a support system of like-minded and caring families are to the modern homeschooling family. 

In the past year my family and I have been particularly fortunate to know and love another homeschooling family that moved to our area.  We have become like 2nd family to each other with amazing impact for the kids and parents alike.  Just as I mentioned the older children learn from the younger children, adults can benefit from and be educated by the children and young adults the Lord brings into our lives.  Our "2nd family" has blessed me with just that situation.  A is the daughter of my dear friend and her maturity and compassion for the world at just 13 years old astounds me.  I joyously catch glimpses of the world and its abounding opportunities through her young eyes.   She is creative, caring, and artistic.  A delights me and reminds me a bit of myself at her age - the world still my oyster!

Recently, A wrote an article meant to "inspire" others.  I was incredibly moved and inspired by her article.  I thought,  "If even 1/4 of the 12 thousand viewers who frequent this blog are inspired and sparked by her words... well, then the world is already a better place!"  So, A, thank you for the motivation and INSPIRATION!  YOU will change this world in astonishing ways! 

Now, dear readers, A's article:

Do you think, that when we're old and dying, we'll look back at life and laugh and say, "I got all A's in my senior year?" Or that our only regret will be, "Why didn't I try harder to get into Harvard? Yale? Stanford? Why didn't I become CEO of my company? Why?
When we're old and dying, we'll look back at the memories we made, laugh at them, remembering the good old days. Childhood summers. First loves. True love.
And we'll regret those things we failed to do. Not coming home from work on time. Not being there for our children's big moments. Not taking that trip to Europe. Not asking that big question. Not taking risks. Not coloring outside the lines.
It's the memories that matter. Not the merits. Go out there, and live. Live a life you'll want to look back on. Do crazy things. Risk it all. And love like there's no tomorrow. The possibilities are limitless.
You are limitless.
It's your turn. So go out there. And live.

Author: A. E.



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And you are an inspiration to us! L, A and J