Thursday, August 14, 2008

Flying Squirrels!!

Flying Squirrels -

I am fortunate that my dear sister shared the below photos with us :) - it is quite exciting as I've not seen flying squirrels before. She and her husband noticed these squirrels at their feeder. At first, they thought maybe they were very young squirrels but after really looking at them - her father in law told them they were actually flying squirrels! I found this to be so interesting! My children LOVED looking at her photos of them so I thought your children might as well. Most of this post is photographs she's taken of them. I did find a few links with information on them that I will share. I did not see anything in the HNS.

HERE is a link I found with some basic information about these squirrels.

HERE is an "official" flying squirrel site that I found.

Kid's Bibliography - Books about Flying Squirrels

Poetry - (copywork)
from the book "The Animals Noah Forgot"
Author: A.B. "Banjo" Paterson (1864-1941)Published 1933
On the rugged water shed
At the top of the bridle track
Where years ago, as the old men say,
The splitters went with a bullock dray
But never a dray came back;
At the time of the gum tree bloom,
When the scent in the air is strong,
And the blossom stirs in the evening breeze,
You may see the squirrels among the trees,
Playing the whole night long.
Never a care at all
Bothers their simple brains;
You can see them glide in the moonlight dim
From tree to tree and from limb to limb,
Little grey aeroplanes.
Each like a dormouse sleeps
In the spout of a gumtree old,
A ball of fur with a silver coat;
Each with his tail around his throat
For fear of his catching cold. T
hese are the things he eats,
Asking his friends to dine:
Moths and beetles and newborn shoots,
Honey and snacks of the native fruits,
And a glass of dew for wine.
* Please check these sites before allowing children to look at them alone- although I'm fairly certain they are fine - I have NOT taken the time to review them thouroughly. I only went on them WITH my kids and shared information with them. *

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