Monday, September 8, 2008

Poetry - FREE schedule, copywork, etc -Christina Rossetti

I started this blog in order to complete Barb's wonderful "Outdoor Hour Challenges". I fell in love with blogging and all of the other wonderful homeschooling families who enjoy Nature Study as much as we do! I have also found an AMAZING bond with other families who use the Charlotte Mason style of education in their homes.

With that - I have decided to combine my website and 2 blogs into one. I wanted to share more of our homeschool, Charlotte Mason "ish" ideas and plans, my faith in the Lord, and in general, the lifestyle that comes along with all of it. I also wanted to make things easier on myself ;) so I'm going to have it all here on one blog. I didn't want to change the name of the blog entirely and get lost by those families we enjoy so much so I'm just adding, "...and more..." to the title and off we go with it. :)

The first new things I'm adding/transferring over are forms, schedules, ideas, and curriculum/literature we are using in our homeschool. I wanted to start with poetry since this is a piece I was working on last week. I hope you find the poetry schedule and forms helpful! :)

Here please find a guideline idea sheet/ 5 day plan for poetry that we use.

Here I have placed our schedule for poets and poems - Term 1 & 2 are complete.

"It is good to store a child’s memory with a good deal of poetry
learnt without labour."
Charlotte Mason

During our first term we are going to study Christina Rossetti. My children love her poetry about nature and I love how her faith in the Lord is apparent. Please feel to use my free Christina Rossetti notebook page -find it here.

Here is a photographic version of Rossetti's, "The Rose"

Copywork for, "The Caterpillar" is found here. I tried to leave enough room in between each line/stanza for the student to copy the line above. I hope you enjoy it.

For younger students- you may want to try this copywork form of, "The Caterpillar". It has the hollow style font which allows them to trace within the words rather than copying on their own. I am breaking this down for my kiddos by a few lines a day. Simply give them a few lines or delete the rest of the poem or copy and paste into different word documents to provide the appropriate amount of work for that day.

Biographical Information on Rosetti is here.

Here is a portrait of Rossetti by her brother Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

I will add more Rossetti copywork and links as we come to them in our studies. I hope these help you in your own homeschool! :)


Jenny L. said...

Thank you , thank you! I found you via the WTM board. We love Christina Rosetti too.

Angie in KY said...

Thank you for sharing! I haven't gotten into poetry yet with my children, but I almost can't wait to do so now. :) The first copywork link doesn't work ... thought I should let you know. I found you through the post you made to the 3RHomeschooling group.

Angie in KY

Sunshine said...

Wow, you did a great job! Thanks for sharing!
I found your link in the N2L Yahoo! group

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog via searching for "The Caterpillar" by Christini Rossetti and what a wonderful site!

I was wondering if your files, "Poetry Plan - 5 day" and the "Poetry Schedule" are still available; seems to be down? :(