Monday, September 15, 2008

Homeschool Closet Giveaway

Welcome to my Homeschool Closet Giveaway--

Acts 20:35b
— “[T]he Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’

Valerie at Little Blots had this great idea for Homeschool Closet Giveaway (click the graphic to the right for her link) and I just LOVE It! What a generous and amazing idea!!

I realize we are about a week behind the other giveaways- but think of it as a "2nd chance to win." :) :)

Listed below are the "shelves" I have to giveaway. Simply leave a comment on my blog with which shelves you are interested in and I will draw a winner this Friday, September 19th.

While you're here, check out some of my free schedules, forms, ideas and other homeschooling "helps." As well as our nature studies which really are the heart of my blog! :)

Shelf 1: Gently used set of Bob Jones Kindergarten "Beginnings" paper books. These were given to me by a dear friend that uses the BJU program. We school based on the Charlotte Mason method so we do not use BJU - however - they are still cute little readers for your younger student. My girls enjoyed "practicing" with the readers even though we do not use the program. As I said, they are gently used, some have the child's name written on the back in the certificate spot but otherwise GREAT condition ;).

This set includes 32 full-color readers which correlate with K5 Beginnings.
In all of the twelve page readers, you'll find one selection each of Bible
accounts, family stories, information books, and literature selections. The
"Reading Guide" in each reader gives parents advice on how to help beginning readers.

Shelf 2: Another BJU set that was passed along to me. The BJU 1st grade readers set. These are in GREAT, gently used condition. These are nice readers as well, even if you do not use the BJU program.

The six Student Texts contain a variety of colorfully illustrated stories, poems, plays, and articles.
A - Colors Glowing
B - Feathers, Fins, and Fur
C - Helping Hands
D - A Day to Remember
E - Hear the Music
F - Treasures to Keep

Shelf 3: Gently used (no marks or any bends) - "The Mudpies Activity Book- Recipes for Invention" by Nancy Blakey. Kids age 2-12.

Shelf 4: Set of 3 science readers. This shelf includes a prior library book, "Experiments with Animal Behavior" by Ovid K Wong; Scholastic "Butterflies" book (very simple, easy book- great for prek - k); Hello Reader! Level 4, "Armies of Ants" by Walter Retan. I will mention on the "Armies of Ants" book- there are mentions of "hundreds of thousands of years ago". Just a warning. You can easily skip over this part but I wanted to ensure it was pointed out.

So those are my 4 shelves for this week. I think this is such an amazing idea that we may continue it once a week or so. We have so many books laying around and its wonderful to be able to pass them along when we're finished! I think this is such a blessing!

Please comment before midnight on 9/19/08 and I will email the winners letting them know they've won. My son has a sparring tournament on Saturday so please bear with me as I get the emails out this weekend. :) Good luck!

In His Name,


Romans 12:13 — “Share with God’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.”


The Warf said...

I would love to have the beginning reader book! Thanks for the great giveaways.

A day at a time mom said...

Thanks so much for the 2nd chance drawing. I am a new homeschool mom with a reluctant reader and would love shelf 1. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

If I could be entered to win shevles #1-3 that would be wonderful! My first pick would be for shelf #2, the first grade readers. Blessings, Sharon

Lilla said...

You are God's child indeed - giving us a second chance:-)
I would love to win either shelf 1 or shelf 2. Thanks a lot.

indoboyett said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing your bounty. I would love to have either shelf 2 or 3. Blessings!

MODERATOR-Biz3Kid said...

I would like to be entered for shelves #1 and #2. Thanks for participating.

Beth at

The White Family said...

I would love Shelf 3! Thanks for all the great resources. God Bless

anna said...

I'm new to the Lapbook Lessons and missed out on the early giveaways so I would love love to be entered into these! Thanks so much!
Homeschooling my 4.5 year old this year, have homeschooled my 13 year old in previous years.

wilda said...

Thanks for another chance to win! I would be happy with any of the shelves as I have grandchildren who are homeschooled as well as 2 daughters that I school at home.

Haben said...

Hi, I would love to be entered for shelf 1, 2, and 3. Thanks, Haben

Jude said...

Please enter me in the drawings for shelf #1 and shelf #2. Thank you for sharing! Angela

Kate said...

I wouldn't mind winning any of those shelves. You have a great giveaway. Thanks for offering them!

Hazel said...

Wow! I love what you have to offer. Please enter me in a drawing for all 4 shelves. Thanks!

Kawaii Crochet Ninja said...

Wow! What great offerings. And what's better than a second chance? :) I'd be interested in shelf 1! Thanks so much!

Downing Family said...


I would be interested in the 4 shelves. Please enter me in your drawing.

Thank you,


motherofonesm said...

I would be interested in either shelf one or two. We are just begining to homeschool our son. He is so eager to learn which is a huge blessing. Thanks for the oportunity to win.

Angie J. said...

How wonderful! Isn't this soo fun?! We would love any of your shelves but, especially #1,3, or 4. Thanks!

LRmom said...

Great selection, I would be interested in any of the above selections....thanks for the offer, I love your website.

Julie Moore said...

This is such a wonderful idea! I'm homeschooling a 2nd grader, kindergartener, and have a 3-year-old coming behind them, and we would love any of the shelves!

Sunshine said...

I would love to win shelf #2. I have never used BJU, but this would be a great opportunity to check it out!
Thanks for your generous offerings!

God bless,

melissa said...

I would LOVE any of the shelves. We are new to homeschooling, so just building up a collection. Thank you for doing this!

penney douglas said...

I would love any of the shelves. The readers would be especially nice.

Thanks for the second chance. I almost didn't notice it, but I'm glad I did. Nice blog!


Jennifer said...

These are great giveaways. My daughter is just going into kindergarten, so the readers would be wonderful. Thanks for the opportunity.