Monday, September 15, 2008

Sketch Tuesday - Something with a Door

Sketch Tuesday- Something with a Door

This week's Sketch Tuesday was to sketch "Something with a Door." For those of you who aren't familiar with Sketch Tuesday- you're missing out! :) Barb at Harmony Arts Mom puts up an "assignment" once a week. It's something like, "back to school supplies" or "something with a door" or "something hot." The children then sketch, draw, paint, etc whatever comes to THIER mind when they think of the "assignment." She usually puts out a new "assignment" on Tuesdays (hence Sketch TUESDAY lol) and posts up on a slideshow the sketches from the participants from the week before. It's great fun to see what my children come up with each week. They often surprise me and it gives them a creative outlet. Once my 5 yo daughter drew a bowl of chilli for the "something hot" week and this week for "something with a door" my son surprised me by drawing a trap door spider and its habitat. The children also enjoy watching the slide shows. Not only do they get excited about seeing their own artwork on Barb's slides- but they LOVE looking at other homeschoolers drawings. They think it's interesting to see what the other children came up with and seem to "connect" with the others through this project. It's a lot of fun and they look forward to their new assignments each Tuesday. So for this past week - "Something with a Door" here are my childrens sketches. I will upload them to Barb's site so she can add them to tomorrow's slideshow. We look forward to our new assignment tomorrow. Thanks Barb!!

Alyssa - a closet - 5 yo

Briana - a home - 5 yo

Chance - a trap door spider - 7 yo

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Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

Fantastic sketches and what a great summary of how Sketch Tuesday works in your family. Your family is such a great example and an encouragement to others.

Thanks for sharing your sketches here on your blog and in the slideshow.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom